Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg claims gender equality between the sexes is “essential for a sustainable recovery” amid the coronavirus  pandemic, according to a report.

“The pandemic’s impact on women have been evident in our own country as well,” Solberg said Tuesday at the “Reykjavik Global Forum — Women Leaders 2020” conference. “We see that unpaid care work at home isn’t evenly distributed between men and women.”

“Women spend more time than their partners on household chores and taking care of their children,” she added. “No matter how much they work outside the home.”

She said there is an “alarming increase” globally in female poverty, rises in pregnancies, and violence against the female gender since the pandemic rose around the world this year

“Our experience is that it pays to invest in women’s and girls’ education and participation in the workforce,” she said. “Women’s participation in the labor market contributes more to Norway’s prosperity than our petroleum revenue.”


In America, the economy seems to be picking up, relatedly.

Yet the improvement will be put at risk by the sharp resurgence in confirmed viral infections to an all-time high well above 120,000 a day. Cases are rising in 49 states, and deaths are increasing in 39. The nation has now recorded 240,000 virus-related deaths and 10.3 million confirmed infections.

As colder weather sets in and fear of the virus escalates, consumers may turn more cautious about traveling, shopping, dining out and visiting gyms, barber shops and retailers. Companies in many sectors could cut jobs or workers’ hours. In recent days, the virus’ resurgence has triggered tighter restrictions on businesses, mostly restaurants and bars, in a range of states, including Texas, New York, Maryland, and Oregon.