What a twerk!

Brazilian nurse Angela Goncalves was recording herself busting some moves at her home in Paranagua when a man appeared in the yard behind her, according to Newsflash.

The stranger leers at her before entering her house — giving her a fright as he tries to grab her, the video shows.

But Goncalves quickly goes on the offensive and gives the intruder a load of trouble — delivering a torrent of punches and kicks as the man tries to flee, the clip shows.


“I get scared and act naturally as if I knew him until he reacts with the intentions of grabbing me,” she said on Facebook, where she also posted her Instagram video.

“On that, with my docile pitbull instinct, I beat the hell out of him,” the nurse added, explaining how she delivered a hefty dose of whoop-ass.

“I was with my 11-year-old daughter when he came in. I attacked him with a thousand different things in my mind about what could happen,” Goncalves told local media, Newsflash reported.

The feisty woman has filed a police report about the incident.